SMART EXPRESSIONS - Lexicon ll British Council Khulna


 How do you do? || How are you? || Howdy, Folks


1.   How are you doing? What’s going on?
2.   How have you been? What are you up to? What are you doing (in a suspicious way)
3.   How’s everything? What’s new?
4.   How’s it going? What’s up?
5.   How are things going? Whassup?



I am sorry || I am afraid || Pardon me || I apologize.


What are your aspirations?  your goals/ aims or objectives

After you, please = দয়া করে আপনি আগে

So kind of you
So nice of you
So sweet of you
So good of you



Sounds + adj.


Sounds good Sounds Bad
Sounds Great Sounds awful
Sounds splendid Sounds Horrible


Hang on a second please ||Wait a little bit || wait a minute


Let’s get down to business || Come to the point


What on earth is this? = আরে এটা আবার কি?

The Future Begins Here