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Placement Test

    Full Name:
    Blood Group:
    Address/Mailing address:
    Educational institute:
    Work place:
    Course Type :
    Course Name:
    Course Duration:
    Cell Number:
    Alternative phone number (Family member):
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    Did you take any English Course or IELTS Courses? :
    Your previous language/IELTS learning experience :
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    Choose one of these titles to write about your reasons for applying for the course.

    Why do you want to enroll in this course?
    Or If you are already an experienced Learner, explain why you want to take the Spoken/IELTS course and/or how you think it will benefit you.

    You must answer this question in continuous prose and write no less than 200 words.

    Remember that this is a course that will qualify you to be an English Learner. It is important you check your written work carefully.

    Use of correct grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation will all be taken into consideration when evaluating your application.

    Failure to produce a well-written application form or not meeting the word limit may well prevent you from being accepted on to the course.

    NB: There will be several steps for your online enrollment of our courses, so everything you need to do it before the deadline.

    • Step 1: Fill out the form (writing part must be filled) & Send it back to us ( /WhatsApp: 01913919470
    • Step 2: Set time for the interview (Over phone/WhatsApp/zoom) & complete it via zoom
    • Step 3: Payment confirmation only for the successful candidate (we will send you confirmation email & pre course task)
    • Step 4: Pre-Course-Task completion (Grammar & Writing)
    • Step 5: Pre-Course training (How to conduct class/ introduction to zoom) mandatory to join