English For Kids


  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Input Sessions: 12
  • Session Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Schedule: 1 day in a week
  • Course Fee: 3600 BDT
  • Online Course Fee: 3240 BDT


Areas to improve: Grammar & Vocabulary, Phonetics and Presentation, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

Interactive learning through songs, rhymes, stories, games and creative activities to develop the ability, confidence and language skills to communicate in English.


This course will be conducted by Cambridge CELTA and British Council Certified Trainers


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About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Handouts
  • Books
  • Audio Clips
  • Video Observation


  • Placement test before course enrollment
  • IELTS preparation for those who already have average or better skills in English or some of them lack required grammar and Language Skills.
  • Reliable internet connection (online course)
  • Zoom app (Laptop/Desktop with webcam) (online course)
  • Strong Commitment & determination